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Monday, March 29, 2010

Happiness. feels a lot like sorrow.

I have taught this combination twice now, and each time I have broken down. crying. everyone cried along with me as well, either for my story or a story of their own buried within. The song Happiness is one my brother Brian and I chose to be played at Jason's funeral. the lyrics say what i want to say, It will be three weeks tomorrow that he passed away. And for a moment last week things seemed to get easier. no crying in fact for two days in a row, then Thursday day night in dance it all caught back up with me. I cried enough their to make up for those two then cried on my way home then again at home on the couch then again in the bath. And while i have never considered myself to be a crier... sometimes we just need to cry. to feel the way we want to feel. because its OK to not be OK.

Happiness, feels a lot like sorrow
Let it be
You can't make it come or go
But you are gone
Not for good, but for now
But gone for now, feels a lot like gone for good.

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