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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Bro. I miss you

Jason, I love and miss you so damn much. You are the greatest brother I could've ever asked for. We had gotten so much closer over the past year from you being my wrestling partner every single day. Those were the greatest times of my life and wrestling practices will never ever be the same. You're amazing. You could make a complete stranger feel like they've known you for years and I love that quality about you. You can bring the spirits up of anybody that was down. I can't imagine how I'm going to go on without you, but I know you're going to help me through it. You've always helped me whenever I was in trouble or in a bind and I know you wont stop now.

I keep thinking about busting in your back window with my bat to find you helpless, sitting there in your front seat. You just looked asleep and I couldnt wake you up. I wanted so so badly for you to wake up. I shook you so hard, and tried to get you to breath. I feel so horrible for you because you didnt get to complete the incredible life that I know you should've had.

I wish so badly that I would just wake up and you would be standing over my head singing "Pants on the ground" and quoting the Hangover with me and asking me if I wanted to go eat lunch before wrestling practice. I wish I would've gone with you everytime you asked me to..

This past weekend in Colorado will be memories I'll never forget.
I had the honor of wrestling you in your very last wrestling match atop a mountain 11,000 feet in the air.
And of course, you beat me, which I am honored to be beaten by someone as great as you.
Your amazing at everything you set your mind to.

I love you so much, You'll be in my heart forever and I will never EVER forget a single memory we have had together
I remember all the baseball trips that I annoyed you and your friends on
I remember all the wrestling practices you kicked my butt in
I remember all the trips to dads office that we complained about the entire time
I remember all the Disney World vacations that you hated, yet i loved spending time with you and roaming the park, just me and you without the parents
The ski trip is something i will never ever forget..and so many more memories

I dont know how i can do this without you..
Every single thing I do from this day forward will be for you Jas.
My life is now for you and I will make you proud.

I love you Big Brother
See You Soon
Love Brian

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