His Beautiful Life

Friday, March 8, 2013

My least favorite day of the year.. every year.

My least favorite day of the year.. every year.
March 9th.

When the last grain of sand fell
and the eyes forever shut.
When the lights turned dark for an eternity
and he was lifted up.
The day that seems so dark and cold
for those of us still here
Is the day that he was saved
and his slate wiped crystal clear.
It's hard to be thankful when it all just seems so sad
but everyday for forever now,
I know just where he's at.
I can close my eyes, squeeze them shut
see him running by.
Remember all of the days together
where we laughed and cried.
I can hear his voice singing those tunes
that still get stuck in my head
I can imagine him with his favorite friends
all of them in red.
I often wonder what today would be like
if only he was still here.
By my side on my wedding day
letting out a big cheer.
Or in his brothers corner,
so proud I know he'd be
To see his little guy
living out his dreams.
His truck still sits in the driveway.
His trophies still on display.
His pictures hang on the walls.
His presence never fades.
Every memory and every moment
each we hold so tight.
Because he got wings and soars the skies
now he watches over us every night.

Loving and missing you always.

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